Which Generation Is Killing The Planet?

View of planet earth burning in space

It’s hilarious, all these school kids preaching to us oldies that we messed up the planet! Back in the ’60s and 70’s not a plastic bottle was to be seen it was all glass that was reused, pop bottles back then were taken back to the shop. No plastic bags, loose food was in brown paper bags, all sweets were bought weighed and put in a paper bag.

Mothers used shopping trolleys to carry heavy stuff or used a linen bag. You walked to school from 5 years old to 16 years old not you did not jump into mummy’s 4×4. No McDonald’s or Burger King plastic toys, no polystyrene food boxes for you to litter the streets with. We had used newspapers to wrap our takeaway food in. Our milk was delivered at 5 am 6 days a week by a milkman who drove an electric vehicle! Glass milk bottles were returned, washed and reused. Same with the Soft drinks from the pop manĀ .

Holidays were in a caravan or B&B in Britain not an aeroplane to far off destinations.

Washing was dried on washing lines, not in energy-guzzling tumble driers. We got up to turn over the TV we did not use remotes with never-ending disposable batteries. We did not sit on computers sucking electricity, we did not charge mobile phones three times a day. We did not buy clothes every 5 minutes because they were out of fashion they were repaired and lasted us years!

So I think these young whippersnappers need to take a good look in a recycled mirror and think which generation is it buggering up the planet?

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