So you little buggers took a day off to protest climate change?


Did you stop using or get rid of your mobile phones, computers, game systems that constantly suck electric? If not are you going to keep that phone that is perfectly good for 10 years and not buy the new one which used even more energy and resources when it was made?

Are you going to get rid of that extra bloody telly in your room that you don’t need? Are you going to keep clothes until they are worn out then repair them and not buy new ones all the time?

Tomorrow when you go to school are you going to walk or bike it instead of using mummy’s taxi like the rest of your mates all of them pumping out car fumes around the playground?

Next time you need “That” T-shirt are you going to wait for it to dry on the line and not put it in the tumble drier?

When you are bored are you going to read a book instead of using more power pratting around on the internet?

Didn’t really think this one through did you? Little bloody hypocrites they say WE didn’t look after the planet, they are a disposable society that pollute more in a year than we did in our whole childhood.

I blame the stupid bloody lefty parents and teachers who are just as hypocritical and lacking in thinking.

I’m off to cut the grass with my push lawn mower and compost the cuttings rather than pay £25 for a dirty diesel council van to pick them up.


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