Should Cycles REALLY Be On Our Roads?

I just saw the photo above and it made me think. I am one of those drivers that believe push bikes should NOT be on roads, at least until they create bike lanes EVERYWHERE.

First I would like to say looking at this photo on most roads your vehicle would be well and truly be overlapping the oncoming lane, how safe is that?

If the government started encouraging people to ride Bikes on the pavement there would probably be uproar, and rightfully so. It is a VERY SILLY IDEA!!!

People (On average) walk at between 2.8 and 2.95 miles an hour. (yes I know some people are fitter and faster it is just an average) Cyclists ride at an average of 12 to 15 miles per hour. So about four to five times faster. It does not take a Genius to realise that this is DANGEROUS, pedestrians could get hurt. In a collision, the bike is much sturdier/harder than the human body we know who is likely to come off worse.

To have pedestrians and cyclists sharing a tight space is not smart.

So the bike is doing 12-15 miles an hour cars are moving at 20 - 40 miles an hour around towns 2 to 4 times faster than the bikes. In a collision, the car is much sturdier than the body and the bike we know who will come off worse. I see this as being just as stupid.

Before you start citing Amsterdam and the Netherlands as examples they install bike lanes EVERYWHERE different scenario.

Not only is is not safe, cyclists do not have insurance if THEY cause an accident. They do not pay vehicle excise duty to contribute to the upkeep of the roads (Unless they drive too)

Am I the only one who thinks bicycles on the road is just a BAD IDEA?

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