Other Crap Webites


Below is a list of other crap websites you can visit. I'm not condoning or recommending any of them, they are probably all run by boring nurds anyway.

However if you are fed up of watching losers on bloody Jeremy Kyle then these sites might be mildly more interesting.


Managed WordPress Design And Hosting From 3001 Web
These are the Nurds that built our site for us. I gave one of them a clip around the ear for waffling too much when showing me how to use all this nonsense. But for whippersnappers, they know what they are doing.

Download Comedy Songs
This is the website of so-called comedian Garry Desmond. He's not bloody funny but being he is my grandson I thought I would give him a mention. 99p to download a comedy song? Greedy little bugger!

What Was That Joke Again?
Nurrrggh I like the title of this site I can never remember blooming jokes. It's FREE now you are talking.

Play Any Slots Online
This site is crap too but at least it's free. You can play online fruit machines free to try them. Then when you find one you like you can blow the kid's inheritance nurrrrrggghh!

We will argue with you about anything
The only Facebook group I am a member of. Bloody Facebook in my day it was called the Yellow Pages. But this group is full of miserable old twats like me. Nurrggghhhhh


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