Don’t Mess With The Old Folk!

By Ernie Grumpalot | 5th September 2020 |

This lady handed her bank card to a bank clerk and said, “I would like to withdraw £10.The clerk told her, “For withdrawals less than £100 please use the cash machine.” The old lady wanted to know why …The clerk returned her bank card and irritably told her, “These are the rules. Please leave if…

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Not Acceptable In Public

By Ernie Grumpalot | 3rd September 2020 |

Mothers should NOT be allowed to do this in public! If you are at home behind closed doors then fine, but not in a restaurant, people are trying to eat for goodness sake. I don’t agree with this and I never will it makes me feel sick. I know that many will come out to…

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We Buy Any Car Nonsense

By Ernie Grumpalot | 30th August 2020 |

This winds me up this advert “I sold my car to we buy any car because I value my time more than a little cash” Yes and now you will go and work 40 hours to earn the £400 they short changed you. Bloody idiots nurrggghhhh!

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Americans Need Better Diction!

By Ernie Grumpalot | 2nd August 2020 |

Blooming Americans need to learn to pronounce their K’s or people might get confused. Nurggghhh! Poor Pensioners 10 Masks for Less Than £5 Rich Whippersnappers 1 Mask With Filters £17.39 Don’t Like Masks? Face Shields £5.85 Little Whippersnappers 50 Kids Masks for £9.98

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Urgent Warning!!

By Ernie Grumpalot | 1st August 2020 |

True story Edna went nutts, but after I drank it I didn’t care much nurggghhh! Non-Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer Digital Thermometer Accurate and Fast Measurement of Temperature Gun for Children Baby Adult Home Health Care £7.29 Free Delivery

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No Mask Covidiots

By Ernie Grumpalot | 28th July 2020 |

What is the matter with these idiots? This is not rocket science! There is a deadly virus that still has no cure and is still being spread the mask-wearing rules are to protect you and others don’t be so bloody selfish! Stupid whippersnappers protest at anything they are advised to do. If the Government announce…

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Don’t Be A Tosser Wear A Mask!

By Ernie Grumpalot | 16th July 2020 |

Some nice straight to the point proof and information FROM A SURGEON!! Stop listening to all these bloody stupid social media experts and wear a mask! The virus has not gone away it is still rife! Announcing proudly that you will not wear a mask does not make you cool it makes you an arsehole!…

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Car Noises Fixed

By Ernie Grumpalot | 15th July 2020 |

This works on any make of car it is a universal repair, worked on mine, our Edna never bloody shuts up! Nurggghhh!

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Things I Learned About Me

By Ernie Grumpalot | 26th June 2020 |

Nurrghhh true this.

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Overly Woke Support Group

By Ernie Grumpalot | 23rd June 2020 |

Bloody “Woke” they’re all living nightmares being offended by everything. Nurggghhh!

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