Every Lidl Helps!


I caught bloody Tesco at it again and this boils my blood. This is a RIP OFF pure and simple.  “Every little helps?” Again they are only helping themselves to your hard-earned cash!! It is VERY CLEVER marketing (or scamming might be a better word) This is what you see at a glance 85p for loose onions or just 90p in a nice convenient little net bag. Just 5p more right? NO VERY VERY WRONG!

Now study the labels below the baskets the onions in the “Convenient” net bag are £2.34 per kilo, and the loose onions are 85p per kilo which is nearly 3 TIMES LESS for the loose onions!!!

I bought 3 large loose onions it took all of twenty seconds to weigh them and they were 36p which would make the net bag 49p MORE THAN THE BLOODY ONIONS!! Now before you call me a tight old bugger if you only buy 3 onions a week that’s over £25 extra you are paying them a year then multiply that by all the other products they do this with and you are probably losing hundreds a year. Shop smarter folks you work bloody hard for that money don’t give it to these greedy buggers if you don’t have to!

LOOSE IS NEARLY ALWAYS CHEAPER and it reduces the amount of netting and plastic we waste. Put your specs on and read the small print.


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