The Powers That Be

What are you trying to say?


Nurrghhh I bloody love this woman, you tell the lying ratbags what you think. I fought the war for these money grabbing lying buggers! I notice this image was not on the news then why would it be? They seem to dislike the truth these days.

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Take Yoda’s Advice May

Now you know I am not one for bad language but this one made me spit out my tea. Bloody meme creators making me waste a perfectly good mouthful of Tetley tea. NO I am NOT saying other teas are available this is not the bloody BBC. Ernie Grumpalot

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Alien Invasion

Leaders? These so-called bloody politicians couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery. Even if they did you would probably have to fill out a form and wait three weeks to get a pint, then it would cost you £50. Selfish, fraudulent greedy little buggers. Nurggghhhhhh!

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Politicians and nappies

About time this lot of idiots were kicked out they couldn’t organise a bloody custard pie fight in a bakery. When I think we fought two wars for our freedom and this lot of greedy little buggers want to sell their freedom to the German led EU. They need a bloody good clip round their…

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Quick Philip Hide

Its teresa

With a bit of luck June will be the end of May. This is what you get when you get too cocky, that will teach you you young Tory whipper snapper. We fought the bloody war for the likes of you. Nurgggggh Share This Page

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Bloody Childish Idiot


And you Europeans wonder why we wanted to leave? One of the most powerful people in the EU being totally petty and resorting to schoolyard taunting? We are better than you Juncker, what is more, we are enjoying your little tantrums because you did not get your own way. GROW UP!!! Share This Page

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Where’s Raving Lord Such?


What I want to know is what happened to the Raving Monster Loony party, it is just as good a choice as these other bloody liars. You all know the definition of politics, don’t you? Poli is Latin for many and Tics are blood sucking leeches. I’m not walking all the way to the polling…

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