Parents Moans

So you little buggers took a day off to protest climate change?

By garymchu / 21st September 2019 / 0 Comments

Did you stop using or get rid of your mobile phones, computers, game systems that constantly suck electric? If not are you going to keep that phone that is perfectly good for 10 years and not buy the new one which used even more energy and resources when it was made? Are you going to […]

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Hands off our pantos you PC nazis.

By garrydes / 20th December 2017 / 0 Comments

I feel compelled to write this after recent drama in the press regarding several of this year’s pantomimes. As a professional comedian and panto performer, I am increasingly saddened by the politically correct brigade and worse, the spineless people in control of theatres acting on every whinge they hear. You can be 100% sure that […]

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Respect taught at home

Respect Is Taught At Home

By Ernie Grumpalot / 23rd June 2017 / 0 Comments

Absolutely, a lot of these rude little buggers could do with a cuff or two around the lughole. What ever happened to being smacked in rhythm, one with each word. And before all you bloody do gooders start moaning, it didn’t harm me and my dad had a stutter! Nurgghhhhhh! Share This Page

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Miserable Old Git