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Sky News Bloody Hypocrites!

Didn’t Sky news just make a big fuss about being the first to broadcast from the bottom of the ocean and lots of boring drivel about saving the planet? Would that be including doing away with SKY branded disposable cups because they couldn’t possibly wash a cup in the studio? Lazy media buggers! PRACTICE WHAT…

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Why Would You?

ryan air arseholes

Ok they need to change the name of this company to “Sucker If You Book Air” Why hasn’t this asshole had his license taken away? I thought there were strict rules for commercial aviation? You realise an anagram of his name is  “Hey Oral Malice” which is what he shows for his customers regularly in interviews.…

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Bloody Childish Idiot


And you Europeans wonder why we wanted to leave? One of the most powerful people in the EU being totally petty and resorting to schoolyard taunting? We are better than you Juncker, what is more, we are enjoying your little tantrums because you did not get your own way. GROW UP!!! Share This Page

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Where’s Raving Lord Such?


What I want to know is what happened to the Raving Monster Loony party, it is just as good a choice as these other bloody liars. You all know the definition of politics, don’t you? Poli is Latin for many and Tics are blood sucking leeches. I’m not walking all the way to the polling…

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BBC Cover Exam Cheating


Just watched a story on BBC news about students cheating at exams by buying essays on the interweb. Lazy little buggers! This one can be easily fixed by going back to the ways things used to be done. No blooming work done at home. You study, then you write the essay in a supervised exam…

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A Levels Drop To An All Time Low

A levels

I wonder how many of these kids wasted bloody hours chasing pokemon, pigging around on facebook or snapchat or messing around with their mobile phones instead of studying. If they only realised that the studying they did not do may have just cost them tens of thousands of pounds over their lifetime. Will their mates…

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