General Moans

Should Cycles REALLY Be On Our Roads?

I just saw the photo above and it made me think. I am one of those drivers that believe push bikes should NOT be on roads, at least until they create bike lanes EVERYWHERE. First I would like to say looking at this photo on most roads your vehicle would be well and truly be…

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Just A Coffee

Ain’t it the truth. Why do things have to get so complicated? Why can’t they just say small, medium and bloody large? Short? Grande? Venti? Do I look bloody Italian to you? Flavours? Why would I want a flavour I WANT IT TO TASTE LIKE BLOODY COFFEE!!! All this nonsense so they can charge you…

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Toaster Controls?


Controls on a toaster? What’s wrong with doing it one side at a time under the gas grill? You take it out when it’s brown enough for you. Or forget its there like me nurrrggggh! Share This Page

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You’re NOT A Genius

Not A Genius

If I see one more bloody quiz on facebook that is for “Geniuses” I will go nutts. These are unscrupulous marketers posting simple quizzes and claiming they are for “Geniuses”! They are deceiving you to get your facebook profile details and send you more blooming ads for stuff you probably don’t want. Just because it’s on…

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What’s the point In This Sign?

We have one of these at the top of the street. WTF is the point of this sign? WE CAN SEE THERE ARE NO FOOKING ROAD MARKINGS. If you had saved the tens of thousands of pounds you probably spent having a Gazillion of these made, you could have paid a few hundred blokes to…

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