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Big Companies

Mobile Rip Off


THINK before you buy a new phone! I have just seen a Tesco Mobile ad for the new Galaxy S9 at “Our lowest price ever” of £37.25 a month.   READ CAREFULLY IT’S A THREE YEAR CONTRACT   The total cost of phone £1341   Doesn’t sound very low priced to me. Then compare the…

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Why Would You?

ryan air arseholes

Ok they need to change the name of this company to “Sucker If You Book Air” Why hasn’t this asshole had his license taken away? I thought there were strict rules for commercial aviation? You realise an anagram of his name is  “Hey Oral Malice” which is what he shows for his customers regularly in interviews.…

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EE Everyone Exit


Had a mobile phone with these people on a two-year contract and wish I hadn’t bothered. Some fairly substantial lack of service. Us old people like going to the seaside and nearly every time me and our Edna did NO SIGNAL. In the house calls dropping mid conversation RUBBISH! We bought one of the grandkids…

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