What The Bloody Hell Do You Want?

I know why you are here that bloody Grandson of mine Garry Desmond probably sent you. He probably told you this site was free, well he is right because unlike that little robbing bugger not everyone is after your money.

Now let's see if you are allowed to join you MUST BE

1. Miserable
2. Grumpy
3. Not afraid to say what you think
4. Happy to help me make the world more miserable.

If this is you then click the button below to register as an official MISERABLE OLD GIT.

If you do when you get into the member's area I will give you one of that little ratbags CDS free! He doesn't know I pinched a load of them when he stored them in my shed because he was too bloody tight to rent a storage locker.

Why will I give it you free? Because it will make the cheeky little bugger more miserable he is so bloody happy all the time it is sickening. Don't get too excited he is not bloody funny he just thinks he is!



Miserable Old Git