About This Site (The Rules)

My name is Ernie Grumpalot and this is my site. If you are always happy or easily offended then BUGGER OFF NOW!

This is a place you are ALLOWED to be miserable in fact I WANT you to be miserable.

This is the corner of the interweb where middle-aged people and pensioners can let off steam as they get older and grumpier. We share laughs and moans and if you don't like it TOUGH!

If any of these posts contain things that you do and you get offended that we point that out, guess what? ME AND MY FRIENDS DON'T CARE!

The site IS moderated to prevent Hatred, personal attacks or racism, we didn't fight the war so you could be a rude little swine. Mild swear words WILL be tolerated.

If you do get upset feel free to complain. I will post your complaint on the site with a reply from me and the other miserable old gits. If you post your whining on my website then you deserve all you get!

Nurrrgggghhhhh BOLLOCKS



Miserable Old Git